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European Conference Attendance

12 January 2006

subject: European Conference Attendance

We very much appreciate for your support of your contribution to Wadokai.

We were pleased with opportunity to participate in Annual Wadokai European Championship and European Conference as broad member, which helped acknowledge and recognize the current condition in Europe.

At European Conference held in Macedonia, after opening ceremony was announced by Mr. Gai, the President of Wadokai European region, Mr. Sugiura, Executive Advisor, introduced himself and announced status report. Also, I introduced myself as new International Manager. The conference was proceed to designate new chief of Executive Adviser and all issues were thoroughly discussed in democratic manner, hosted by Mr. Gai. We’d like to express our respect and gratitude for his ripe judgment and ability of leadership as to complete all issues.

We hope that member countries of teachers will understand the decision was made in democratic manner, and we appreciate your concerted effort to develop Wadokai European region.

yoshinori matsui
executive director,
iternational manager, wadokai head office


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